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Welcome to OnlyFootballPicks.com where we offer you free NFL football picks, handicapping and killer betting tips. So if you are looking to up your wagering game when it comes to the NFL you are in the right place. Betting on the NFL doesn’t have to be a chore, we will help you take a fresh approach and start to enjoy your football pics once more.

We want to show you how to make winning football picks from the NFL to help you get the most out of each action packed pre-season, season and Super Bowl. With our honest and straight talking approach, we won’t dish out any dud advice. We would never offer picks and tips that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

What are football picks

What are football picks?

Essentially a football pick is the art of selecting the winning team for any NFL game. There are hours and hours of research and analysis that sit behind making any great NFL picks. That’s where this site can really help you out all year round. By putting in much of that legwork for you, we can help you to make better-informed football picks right throughout the NFL season and beyond.

As professional handicappers we spend hours each day, even in the offseason and draft period, pouring over all the latest stats from the NFL. Then we can forecast where the best value picks are against the spread. But best of all we will share all the juicy info with you for free on this site. So make sure you bookmark OnlyFootBallPicks.com today as it’s sure to become your indispensable resource for the forthcoming NFL season.

We will take you through all the best ways to get the maximum bang for your buck when it comes to betting on the NFL. There are tips and tricks that we have successfully used for several seasons which we are happy to share with you right here on this site.

Also, we will be right there with you in the postseason period when many of the sportsbooks offer their best signup bonuses. We’ll highlight some of the best and offer up some guidance how to capitalize on these great offers before the draft and preseason startup.

We love to help you get the best value from any bets you are going to make and want to ensure that your winning percentage is well over 50% to keep you firmly in the black.

Approaches to Making Money through Online Betting Casinos and NFL

The list of approaches and steps to make money via online betting casinos and on NFL include:

  • Betting on NFL.
  • Online betting casinos
  • Fantasy of playing online betting casinos.
  • Guide to bet on NFL.

The basics to know before betting on NFL

The basics of betting NFL include moneyline, totals, and handicaps. According to moneyline, it can be soothing to gain more money. It is got through one team being a loser and the other being the desired. When the loser succeeds and beats the opponent, the bet will have succeeded. This is a risky play as it is either a win or loses to the person betting.

According to the totals, it is the easiest as it comprises of betting the total points of an NFL game that will surpass or go below the set number of points by the sportsbook. The totals can be influenced by the community. It depends on the betting individual to make the decision.

The handicap comes with an improved way of betting individuals such that there is stability on team opportunities and also provides value. In NFL, it is hard to choose a team without doing thorough research on the team’s strength.

Importance of playing online betting casinos

Players get to earn the point at a quick rate compared to the other betting sites. This allows the individuals to participate more in the casinos.

There is a huge selection of deposit choices in the online betting casinos. Through this, the clients do not feel any worry about the exchange of currency as there are many ways to get cash. Credit and debit cards are used to retrieve money from accounts. Electronic checks are also available to ensure direct funding.

A player can compete worldwide with opponents on different continents. This makes it enticing as online betting in casinos offers games which are international. This is a unique and outstanding chance to allow players to learn tricks from the other side of the world with the different art of play and culture.

In online betting casinos, there is a wide selection of games to participate in rather than the NFL. The online betting casino offers hundreds of games to choose from but the locally based casino comprises of specific games only.

The fantasy of playing in online betting casinos

There are online casino bonuses which attract and satisfy the customers while playing. Majority of the online casinos gives a friendly bonus to the players. This bonuses have no deposit match bonuses and reload bonuses. Once the player plays, it is over.

In online betting casinos, there are loyalty points. These points are given to the individuals for their loyalty to that site but cannot be retrieved.

Online betting casinos provide free play to some of the games installed. A lot of people prefer to initiate with the free games so that they understand the grips before playing with their cash.

How to pick a bet for NFL on betting casinos online

When betting online in casinos, it is preferred not to bet by the choice of your heart but rather of the mind. Understand your bets clearly before placing it in NFL. Calculate the moneyline NFL bet that acknowledges you on the winner and also consists of the handicap to know the odds.

Comprehend the point spread bets in NFL. The point spread involves taking points from the desired team and handing it over the other team. The bet is placed on the team that will cover the spread.

There is placing a bet on the moneyline in the NFL. The individuals who are not comfortable placing a bet on the point spread, this is the alternative. Moneyline accepts the individual to bet on the result of the game despite the points.

How to use our football picks?

How to use our football picks?

We haven’t put in all the work so that you can just stare at some pretty numbers on our site you know! We want you to put our NFL picks and advice into action each week! With our help, you’ll soon see how easy it can be to start betting on NFL matches and making winning football picks.

Betting on the NFL should be enhancing your enjoyment of the season and not creating hassle or stress. With us at your side, your sports betting should be effortless and fun instead of giving you any aggravation week after week!

How to use our football picks?

How to use OnlyFootballPicks.com

To make life easy, simply use the menu bar at the top of the site to navigate between the various sections. We’ve organized it in a logical order to help you on your NFL betting journey.

Start with the about us page to check out who we are and how we got started with our interest in betting on NFL games and making football picks. Then jump to our main pages about how to make winning NFL picks and how to handicap NFL games. We’ve also put together a really useful guide on how to read NFL odds so check that out if you are a bit puzzled when looking at some of the sportsbooks out there.

We hope you enjoy the site!
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