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Welcome to our about us page. Here you can learn about the dynamic duo behind OnlyFootballPicks.com, why we started this site and how we want to help you make winning NFL picks.

Who are we?

Hey. We are Kevin and Sam. Two guys who are long term friends from Maidstone in the UK. We first met at school many years ago and have stayed in touch ever since.

We have always been great mates and have been through a lot together over the years before heading off to study at different universities in the UK. Kevin went to study European languages at Durham University and I (Sam) went to Keel to study Sports Science.

After graduating from university a few months ago we decided to get out and explore a bit more of the world. One night after a cheeky beer or two we decided we fancied trying a bit of backpacking in Europe before we had got too engaged in our future careers.

Who are we?

What are we doing?

Over those now infamous beers, a plan was hatched to head to Sweden and backpack around the country. We had researched a bit and thought that despite the high costs of travelling there we could mix in enough wild camping to keep within our budget.

The plan is to travel around between the main towns along the eastern coast of Sweden to begin with and then head to the far north in the warmer months. We are getting on really well so far and enjoying the hospitality of the amazingly friendly locals along the way!

Why NFL picks and betting?

So why have we created this website and not a travel blog? Well, we have always had a massive shared passion for American sports. It’s just one of those things that really brought us together and we have even had a couple of joint sporting road trips around the USA because of it.

In particular, we love the National Football League (NFL) and have been avid fans of American Football for as long as we can remember. During our time at our respective universities, we developed a small-time betting system between us. Others soon noticed that we had a great eye for making the best picks when betting on our NFL picks. We were more than happy to share our knowledge and soon realised how valuable it was.

So before we set off to travel we decided to make our sports betting and NFL picks a feature of the trip. We have built this website to share our knowledge and passion of the game and teach others how they can bet on NFL, make the best picks and learn how to handicap NFL games.

We hope to encourage others to get involved with the sport like we did. By sharing our insights and info we hope to build up some dedicated followers along the way too.

How to bet on NFL games

This site is designed to give you all the info you will to start your adventure into the fantastic world of betting on NFL games. So take a while to familiarise yourself with the different pages via the main menu. Read through some of the background articles to give yourself a good overview of what is involved when making your picks for NFL games.

We also hope to keep the site updated with the latest news and trends in NFL picks from a betting angle. We want to help you to make the best picks and bets out there as you enjoy the brilliant sport that is American Football.